Recruiter/Full Desk 1/8/2018

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Category: Sales

Job Type: Internal Employee

Veriant is starting the new year by looking for an amazing new addition to our team. We need a team member who can handle recruiting and then grow into a sales and account management position.  

If you are interested in new opportunities, keep reading to see if we could be a fit for you.

Our Ideal Teammate  

Recruiting – Ideally, you have some experience in recruiting or hiring. You are interested in understanding staffing front and back and have no problem helping the team wherever it’s needed whether that’s recruiting or sales or social media.

Sales – You know what sales is and what it entails. You have no problem cold calling and reaching out to business contacts. You know with the right environment you can succeed and are looking for a long term fit.

Connected – You love Colorado and are a part of the community here. You want to grow your career in the Denver area and are constantly expanding your network.

Self-Driven: You handle your own work and don’t need a micro-manager to keep you focused. You are ambitious and creative in meeting your goals.  

Veriant Solutions

Culture - This is a small friendly team. We are supportive but also very independent. If you love the drama of a huge office, this is not the place for you.

Freedom – You will run your own desk in this role. We are open to any territories, industries, and creative new ideas you have that can grow the business.

Goal Oriented: We set up clear goals and you are promoted and rewarded for your own achievements. If you are willing to put in the work, there is unlimited growth potential. 

In addition to a pleasant work environment, a supportive team, and any tools/resources you need, we also offer a base salary (negotiable for the right candidate), benefits, and uncapped commission. 

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